Femininities in the Field Tourism and Transdisciplinary Research Edited by: Brooke A. Porter, Heike A. Schänzel

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28 Feb 2018
Channel View Publications
234 x 156


The aim of this book is to analyse and reflect on the effect of femininities in the field and the encountered biases specific to women researchers in tourism studies. The purpose of the book is to define potential areas of gender bias using international case studies from five continents to improve the validity and transparency of future research conducted by researchers in transcultural contexts. It covers broad themes including access, attire and conduct, sexual harassment, personal safety, and accompanied research and well-being. The volume provides case studies using reflexivity to create baselines for comparison for female (and male) researchers doing fieldwork and outlines potential areas of concern for supervisors through a transdisciplinary approach in a global context. It is an essential guide for supervisors, students, ethics committee members and any researchers.

Author Biography:

Brooke A. Porter is Scientific Adviser at Coral Triangle Conservancy and Adjunct Professor at Umbra Institute, Italy. Her research interests include aquatic anthropology, tourism as a development, conservation and management strategy, social entrepreneurship tourism and voluntourism.

Heike A. Schänzel is Senior Lecturer and programme leader postgraduate in International Tourism Management at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her research interests include tourist behaviour and social experiences, children and families in tourism and femininities, and paternal masculinities in tourism research.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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