L2 Writing Beyond English Edited by: Nur Yigitoglu, Melinda Reichelt

Hardback - 272 pages
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30 Apr 2019
234 x 156


Most of what we know about writing in a second or foreign language (L2) is based on conclusions drawn from research on L2 writing in English. However, a significant quantity of L2 writing and writing instruction takes place in languages other than English and so there is a need for studies that look beyond English. The chapters in this book focus on languages other than English and investigate curricular issues, multiple languages in contact/conflict in L2 writing instruction and affect and student attitudes toward pedagogical practices. The collection as a whole makes a valuable contribution to the study of L2 writing, and it will also prove an essential resource for instructors of second and foreign language writing.

Author Biography:

Nur Yigitoglu is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Bogazici University, Turkey. Her research interests include second language writing and teacher education.

Melinda Reichelt is a Professor of English and Director of ESL Writing at University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Her research interests include second language writing and sociolinguistics.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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