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Connecting School and the Multilingual Home Theory and Practice for Rural Educators

Author: Maria R. Coady | Paperback | 9781788923255

This book examines the educational gaps that multilingual students in rural communities experience. It argues that responsive, successful relationships between schools and multilingual families are a crucial aspect of all educators’ work and that no single strategy will work for all families.…

Narratives of Adult English Learners and Teachers Practical Applications

Author: Clarena Larrotta | Paperback | 9781788923163

This book centralizes the narratives of adult English language learners, teachers, and trainee teachers in the development of a humanistic language pedagogy; their strengths, concerns, and stories inform this practical guide to adult literacy development and English language-culture learning and teaching. The author sets the need to educ…

L2 Writing Beyond English

Edited by: Nur Yigitoglu, Melinda Reichelt | Hardback | 9781788923125

Most of what we know about writing in a second or foreign language (L2) is based on conclusions drawn from research on L2 writing in English. However, a significant quantity of L2 writing and writing instruction takes place in languages other than English and so there is a need for studies that look beyond English.…

Early Professional Development in EFL Teaching Perspectives and Experiences from Japan

Author: Chitose Asaoka | Hardback | 9781788923217

This book examines the perspectives and experiences of student teachers who are in the process of becoming secondary school English teachers in Japan. It reports on the trainee teachers’ attitudes towards theory and practice in their professional development.…

A World of Indigenous Languages Politics, Pedagogies and Prospects for Language Reclamation

Edited by: Teresa L. McCarty, Sheilah E. Nicholas, Gillian Wigglesworth | Paperback | 9781788923057

Spanning Indigenous settings in Africa, the Americas, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Central Asia and the Nordic countries, this book examines the multifaceted language reclamation work underway by Indigenous peoples throughout the world. Exploring political, historical, ideological, and pedagogical issues, the book foregrounds the dec…

Visualising Multilingual Lives More Than Words

Edited by: Paula Kalaja, Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer | Paperback | 9781788922593

This book brings together empirical studies from around the world to help readers gain a better understanding of multilinguals, ranging from small children to elderly people, and their lives. The chapters focus on the multilingual subjects’ identities and the ways in which they are discursively and/or visually constructed, and are …

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What Makes a Good EFL Teacher and How Can Teacher Educators Best Support Them?

This month we are publishing Early Professional Development in EFL Teaching by Chitose Asaoka. In this post the author explains how she came to study student teachers’ professional development in a Japanese EFL context. Over the last twenty years, I have worked as a teacher educator of English as a Foreign Language in Japan. In … Continue reading What Makes a Good EFL Teacher and How Can Teacher Educators Best Support Them?

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